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Human Intelligence: Metafact Review

Human Intelligence: Metafact Review

Hello everyone,

Is human intelligence fixed? Is IQ a good way to measure intelligence? Do brain games work? Do our parents determine our intelligence or is the environment important? These are some of the core questions we investigated recently in our review on Human Intelligence synthesizing answers from over 30 of the world’s top researchers and experts in neuroscience, psychology, and education.

Metafact Reviews in audio: Each month, members get to vote on a topic for us to investigate with the world’s experts. We have upcoming member reviews planned for ‘Organic Food’, ‘Turmeric’, ‘Vitamin C’ and ‘Regenerative Farming’. Although members have full access to all our written reviews here, to make it easier - I will record an audio version of each review within this digest for when you’re traveling, ironing or just like listening to audio more than text (or enjoy a very Australian accent).

Audio Episodes are published in Verified: This week I’ve produced an audio version of our Human Intelligence review that you can listen above or any podcast app. Although the audio version can’t give you the full picture of the written review, it’s the first of many audio translations and they will be published in this digest each week. So share this post to your friends and colleagues where they can sign up here:

Human Intelligence Takeaways:

  1. Genes play a big role in determining your intelligence - from 50-80% in the latter part of your life.

  2. But genes aren't determinative. Education and the environment are still critical for children.

  3. IQ tests are one way to measure intelligence. In general, they're fairly accurate at predicting certain outcomes like grades and general success in life.

  4. Brain games don't boost your intelligence, they just make you better at the tasks in the app. 

  5. Creativity declines from middle age(~44). But your general knowledge and vocabulary will likely increase over your life.

  6. Emotional intelligence is important. Difficult to test for but certain people are better at reading others' emotions.

I hope you enjoy this Metafact audio review. You can now make comments at the bottom each post (I’m told)…

May the facts be with you!

Ben McNeil, Founder Metafact

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